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As with many of the amazing products we stock, I like to try them out personally first. Studio Milk fell into my Instagram feed somewhere along the way and I am sooo pleased it did! Kim's handmade soy candles are delish and her packaging is absolutely AMAZING! As soon as I got my hands on one of her tinned candles I knew they would be added to our range as it grew. They are the perfect addition to our Blooming Bundle - 2nd Trimester Bump Bundle or you can add one to a gift bundle when creating your personlised Build Your Own Bundle. Her creations don't stop with candles, she also offers wax melts, diffusers, bath salts and more! Head to the Studio Milk website and have a look around, you'll be pleased you did!

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We'd love to hear how Studio Milk came about, when was it established and how did it evolve into the business it is today?

I'm such a creative at heart. Having worked in corporate digital marketing for a long time, I decided to be true to myself and follow my creative passion. Not a decision I took lightly as a single mumma with two girls to support. I'm an artist, so I looked at various ideas to supplement my income! Candles have always been a huge love and passion so I spent 6 months learning and testing, building a supply chain and perfecting my branding and marketing. It was all pretty much D-I-Y on a shoestring budget, so I built the website myself, created the brand and set up a home studio to keep costs in check. Since launch 12 months ago, we have grown hugely and I'm so happy with where we are now at.


Tell us a little bit about the team that runs Studio Milk.

Studio MiLK is a one woman show. I outsource what I can ie: accounting & photography, and over busy holiday periods I draft in helpers to cope with packaging. I generally try to fit in a 'normal' working day 9-3 whilst the kids are at school but often that spills into evenings as well.

What gets you and your team out of bed in the morning and gives you the drive to keep Studio Milk ticking?

Coffee, two kids, two dogs and 2 cats get me out of bed every morning!!! I'm a passionate entrepreneur, I love everything about business and I love seeing women succeed in business. I guess my drive is innate, I come from a family of entrepreneurs and have grown up around the 'own' business vibe.


Are there any exciting things coming up for Studio Milk that you can share with us?

oooo yes, we are constantly evolving. I am always asking for feedback from our customers and always changing things up to suit the market. We've got lots of new products that we are starting to add to our mix as well as some really cool DIY kits for those crafters like me who get a thrill out of making their own.

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