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Breastfeeding can be a pretty rough time for some Mummas.
This amazing lady, Renee, from The Lactation Station has created the most delicious lactation cookies to help those breastfeeding Mummas with their supply, as well as some other cool products. You can find the full range on our website here.
We knew right from the start we wanted to include lactation cookies in our online store, so when Renee got in touch about becoming one of her stockists we jumped at the chance.

She is nailing mum/business life, we asked her some questions about her awesome NZ business, this is what she had to say......

We'd love to hear how The Lactation Station came about, when was it established and how did it evolve into the business it is today?

While I was pregnant with my daughter Honor, I was working for a mother who was breastfeeding but struggled with her supply so she was making these cookies which apparently were helping and this is when I first discovered the Lactation Cookie. Of course when I had Honor I had to try these for myself (even though I had enough milk to feed twins), so I began making the cookies but they wouldn't last too long as any visitor to come over would head straight for the cookie jar plus I think my husband was eating more than me on a daily basis. I then began making the cookies for other friends, local mum groups and the feedback was amazing, so I began "The Baker's Daughter", a name perfect for a daughter of one of New Zealand's best bakers. I used this little business to keep me occupied and bring in a little income so I didn't have to return back into the work force in a hurry. 2 years passed and I finally got the guts to turn my business dreams into reality so I turned "The Baker's Daughter" into "The Lactation Station" and developed new products, new packaging and now I am adding more ticks to my goals list than ever before.

Tell us a little bit about the team that runs The Lactation Station.

Although The Lactation Station is run solely by me (Renee), I would never be where I am without the help of my incredible husband and my extremely supportive family. Anyone who is starting off in business knows that it takes a lot of late nights, long hours and lots of wine so without all the support I would not be able to put in the hours that I can, especially when juggling a child.

What gets you and your team out of bed in the morning and gives you the drive to keep The Lactation Station ticking?

A big drive for me to keep this business running is knowing that I created this company and I have so many dreams for it to grow so there is no time to waste. But I would have to say that my biggest motivation is the feedback that I receive from my customers. Knowing that I am helping these mothers to continue with their breastfeeding journeys is extremely rewarding and to provide a service that not only gives them something to keep up their milk supply but to also give the mums a delicious treat for themselves to enjoy in a time that their main priority is their little ones.

Are there any exciting things coming up for The Lactation Station that you can share with us?

I have some many exciting things lined up for The Lactation Station that I wish I could share with you all right now but I will tell you now that a new product will be coming to our range very soon and I can not wait!

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Without the support of my customers, stockists and other business mummas out there I would not be where I am today so I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have supported me over the years. I consider myself very lucky to be within an industry where I get to meet and collab with so many selfless, hard working and loving mummies and my hat goes off to you all. YOU ARE DOING GREAT MUMMAS x

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