Minty Magic Bath Fizzer - 50g

Minty Magic Bath Fizzer - 50g

The Moa Body Range

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The Moa Body Range was born in the hills of West Otago. This natural skincare range is made from organic ingredients sourced in New Zealand. 

A delicious scent of peppermint, with just a hint of chocolate. This magical mix will help to calm, cool and cleanse your body. While relieving sore muscles and leaving your skin glowing.


Baking soda, citric acid, epsom salts, cucumber powder, organic rolled oats, organic witch hazel, organic peppermint essential oil, chocolate/gold mica.

Sprinkle as much as you need in your bath... and RELAX!!
You can grab a bucket... fill with water... add feet and fizzer... and enjoy!!
The Chocolate/Gold Mica turns your water into metallic sparkle's