Aquamamma - Pregnancy Hydration Drink 450ml

Aquamamma - Pregnancy Hydration Drink 450ml


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Daily pregnancy hydration with folic acid and electrolytes. 

Aquamamma is specifically formulated to help meet the hydration and electrolyte needs of pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is free of artificial colours and sweeteners and low in sugar.

It is ideal for:

  • All stages of pregnancy
  • Labour and childbirth
  • Breastfeeding

It tastes great, is easy to drink and helps keep you hydrated even when you’re feeling nauseated. A great addition to your hospital bag.

Available in Mixed Berry, Orange & Lemon.
450ml size

Also available - 1L bottle and 10pk sachets.

The importance of hydration in pregnancy and birth has long been recognised, but many beverages available may contain either high levels of sugar, a high amount of sodium, or ingredients that may not be appropriate in pregnancy.

Obviously if you can drink water, that’s great! However, 75% of women find that they struggle to meet their daily hydration needs on water alone, especially when feeling nauseous.

Thankfully, a Sydney based obstetrician recognised the absence of a healthy hydration product specifically formulated for pregnant women, women in labour and those who are breastfeeding – so he developed Aquamamma®, with you and your growing baby in mind.

A beverage formulated with vitamins and electrolytes and with added folic acid, Aaquamamma® is also low in sugar and sodium and contains natural colours and sweeteners. Aquamamma® is an ideal beverage to help you meet your daily hydration needs!

Ingredients: Filtered water, sucrose, food acid (citric acid), flavours, minerals (sodium citrate, potassium citrate, magnesium phosphate), ascorbic acid, natural colour, (Mixed Berry-anthocyanins, Orange-carotene, Lemon-lutein) natural sweetner (steviol glycocides), folic acid.