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This is the first publication from the Pedersen Collection and it is BEAUTIFUL! 

A stunning board book told through the voice of a newborn, it speaks encouragement to mummies everywhere, capturing those first precious moments between a mother and her adoring baby.

The earliest of readers are captivated and stimulated by the rhythmic story line and stylish, bold patterns, while mums will appreciate the gorgeous, original typography and prints. A Gratifying Read for little ones and mums alike, and a treasure for your family book collection and a special keepsake for years to come.

Reading with babies from birth is important for infant brain development and sets the stage for their speaking, listening, reading and writing in later years. Infant eye sight develops progressively from birth – young babies can see bold, high contrast patterns such as those depicted in this publication.

After reading together, stand the board book up on the ground to encourage your baby to engage in tummy time while you pour yourself a cup of tea.

  • Text: Adele Pedersen
  • Illustration and Typography: Teresa McLean, The Gather – Creative Projects
  • Hardcover
  • Printed on high quality board in matte finish
  • Gold coloured foil
  • Gold coloured gilded edging
  • 205 x 205 x 20mm
  • Comes delivered in 2mm black matte box