Post Birth Perineum Soothing Spray - 100ml

Luna Bloom

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After child birth your perineum will likely be tender and sore. You may have experienced a tear and/or stitches. This soothing spray helps aid your body's natural healing process, filled with herbs and essential oils that are known to help with post partum recovery.

Use to help reduce swelling and soreness of the perineum, hemorrhoids, perineal tears and episiotomies. Keep in the fridge for an extra cooling effect and use after going to the bathroom or as needed. 

Calendula, marshmallow root, witch hazel leaf, lavender flower, plantain leaf, yarrow flower, rose petals, chamomile flower, frankincense and lavender essential oils, witch hazel extract.

Made in New Zealand.

**Note** This is a two part product to ensure freshness. You will receive 1x spray bottle filled with the liquid ingredients and 1x sachet of dry herbs. The herb sachet will need to be infused with boiling water as per the instructions and then added to the spray bottle to create the finished product.