This Boob Next - Reusable Breast Pads 3pk

The Lactation Station

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No more boob grab test to see which boob you fed on last. The Lactation Station’s reuseable Boobie Pads are your perfect reminder to tell you “This boob next”.

3 sets of pads, includes 3 printed with 'This boob next' and 3 plain.

These gorgeous Boobie Pads are made from:

  • A soft microfleece layer placed against your skin drawing moisture away from the breast to the absorbent part of the pad leaving you feeling dry and comfortable.
  • The inner layer is made from Bamboo fleece known for its absorbent superpowers.
  • The outer layer is the PUL “PolyUrethane Laminate” waterproof layer to stop any soaking through.

Care instructions and wash bag included.

Made in NZ